I love reading.  The last 8 months I have read 46 books!  I know… still seems incredible to me.  But surprisingly I want to read and consume more.  Before this year you could say I was on a lifelong fast of reading books.  I would try to avoid them at all costs.

A daily commute to Salt Lake convinced me to start listening to Audio Books.  So technically I’m not “reading”, I’m listening.  I highly recommend it, when you’re like me and sitting down is a very difficult thing to do.

Feel free to recommend me any book.  I want this website to be a community area where we can share ideas on books.  The internet is an incredible tool for all of us to learn from the insights of others.  Please share your comments.

If you have a book you’d like to post with your thoughts, please email me @ rexsmail@gmail.com. 


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