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Decision Points



RATING: 8.1 out of 10

OVERVIEW: President Bush offers his insights to the crucial decisions of his very controversial administration.

Before I write out a few selected highlights and notes on the book I wanted to give you a glimpse into my viewpoints of the President’s politics and character.  I believe George Bush is a man of character whose heart is naturally in the right place. Although that doesn’t qualify you as president it is my desire that you understand that I believe you can separate a man from the politics.  You can disagree with anyone’s view of government/politics and still maintain a relationship of cooperation and mutual respect.  There were areas where I disagreed with the President but I maintain my respect for him and I thank him for his sacrifice of service for 8 years and for keeping American soil safe after 9/11.

  • “Whether you believe in God or not, it is based on faith”
  • To extract stem cells you kill the embryo. Is it just to take a life to save a life?
  • Feet down was said about the mice that were tested for a bio weapon thought to have infected all those in the white house. All feared possible death. 
  • Bush approved water boarding that derived intelligence to capture the logistical and operational leaders of the 9/11 attack. US intelligence said that information stopped anthrax attacks and a 9/11 type attack on the west coast
  • 3 people were water boarded while 30+ received enhanced interrogation techniques. 
  • In 2018 more social security pay out than what comes in. The system goes bankrupt in 2042. 
  • The president instigated a program that drastically eradicated malaria .
  • “God is good, all the time” 
  • After his presidency he helped his dog clean up his business. He stated he was picking up “what I tried to dodge during my entire presidency”

George Bush started his presidency in the time of the 9/11 disaster.  He wasn’t a strong Commander and Chief at that time and left too much responsibility on the hands of others.  His decisions could of been much better.  He had the right intentions but he didn’t focus them in the right direction.  Although the outcome wasn’t ideal in the end we are a more safe country than we were 9 years ago.

It is my humble opinion that despite his mistakes his fine points of his presidency will be seen more justly in future histories.  I don’t believe he was a Reagan, Kennedy, FDR or , Abe Lincoln, I do believe he was a good President.  Time will tell and if at the time it is shown I’m wrong I will be the first to stand corrected.  This book if read by a hater of George Bush their opinion will not change.  This book if read by a  fan of George Bush their opinion will not change.

I believe Americans should read the book to get insight into the details of a crucial time in the history of America.