Which Good Books Have You Read?


Hope you’ve been enjoying my book blog as much as I have had writing it.  I’m currently making a list of 5 books I would like to read next.  Which books have you read recently that you would recommend that I read.?

If there is anything that bugs me more, it’s reading a bad book.  I’m looking forward to some good suggestions.  Thanks.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey! I’ve read some really great books…Let’s see…here are 5 I really like:

    1. World War Z by: Max Brooks
    its science fiction novel about zombies…and before you place a stereotype on it…it isn’t cheesy or cliche. It is super amazing and researched. I really hope you read it!

    2. Bellwether by: Connie Willis
    -this is a book I’ve made practically my whole family read. I love it a lottt

    3. The Alliance by: Gerald N. Lund
    -recently just read this and enjoyed it.

    The best books I’ve ever read are probably:

    4. Les Miserables by: Victor Hugo
    5. Nicholas Nickleby by: Charles Dickens
    -They are definitely way longer than my other suggestions, but so well written and truly great pieces of literature.

  2. Anonymous

    That guy is awesome! I don’t really read… HAHAH…. and the ones I do you wouldn’t like… Twilight etc…. But I hear Hunger GAmes is awesome….You have probably already read that one! My husband is reading some investment books right now… I think Investments for Dummies or something like that. haha

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