Google Voice – The Future is here!

The official Google Voice video demonstration Click Here

I would like to make a predictionGoogle Voice will change how the world uses telecommunications, primarily with our cell phones.  Google Voice connects work phones, cell phones, and home phones on a whole new level.  If you’d like to have different voicemails for individuals, groups or work Google Voice makes that possible. 

Google Voice provides free national call and text messages.  These features are the tip of the iceberg.  Google Voice will reveal the next leap in phone technology, much like the Apple iPhone did. 

My prediction is that AT&T and Verizon will need to change how the price and operate voice/data plans.  Unless they upgrade and match the new revolution in telecommunications technology, Google will become a major “disruptive technology.”

For this reason I love capitalism.  It encourages and rewards ingenuity and improvement.

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