www.rexgalbraith.com IS HERE!

www.rexgalbraith.com is the next facebook!  Not really, but I am extremely excited to have my book blog at my new domain name.

Please put www.rexgalbraith.com on your bookmark list.  Also if you haven’t subscribed please do so.  If you have a blog I would love to follow you also, please put your blog address in the comments.

Thanks for taking part in my first domain experience.

0 thoughts on “www.rexgalbraith.com IS HERE!

  1. Jack Hadley

    Nice job, Rex. The more you do it, the more you will enjoy it. Think about finding the sweet spot between mixing personal with career posts. Everyone has a different approach. There’s no one answer fits all. Good luck.

  2. Rex Galbraith

    Thanks Jack and Audrey. Hopefully people don’t get to annoyed with me sharing my own life once in a while.Having your own webpage is a cool experience.

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